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Emotional Wellness Support


Maturity Development
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  • Find Yourself with increased confidence, ease in your day, elevated emotional understanding, and a growing sense of empowerment

  • Gain the skills to tend to Challenging emotions in the moment they occur

  • Build an Increased sense of self-reflection and capacity for ongoing change

Are you struggling with…

Maturity Development
  • Anxiety, stress, depression
  • Identity shifts and big life transitions
  • Unexpected turns in parenting and/or family life
  • Intrusive thoughts that make you feel afraid of yourself
  • Knowing how to respond to your child/ren’s needs while tending to your own
  • Grief over the loss a of a pregnancy, child, loved one, relationship, life path etc.

Imageine yourself…

Maturity Development
  • With increased confidence and a greater sense of self-worth
  • Finding more ease in your day to day experience
  • With an elevated understanding of your emotional experience and how it shows up in your relationships and parenting experience
  • Feeling more empowered as a whole person, parent, partner, and professional
  • With tools and language to respond to emotionally charged experiences

So glad you're here…

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Birthing Parent Support

Having a baby is a dynamic and transformative experience that is both wondrous and deeply disorienting and challenging.

With my support, you will be seen and heard in your experience, witnessed as a whole human, and observed for more acute support needs like pregnancy and postpartum depression, anxiety, and other mood diagnosis.

General Emotional Wellness and Grief Support

As a therapist and emotional wellness specialist, I am here to team up with you in an exploration for change, agency, and relief.

It's my job to believe you in your experience and help guide you toward and through an evolving emotional wellness journey that is congruent with your values and rooted in a sense of self-worth.

Newborn Care and Emotional Wellness Coaching

An intersection of my specializations in emotional wellness and newborn care meet.

Let me help you find ways to weave consideration for your own emotional wellness needs into your days tending to your tiny one's many needs.


Maturity Development
Brown Gradient Background
Brown Gradient Background



Emotional Wellness Specialist MA, LPC, CPD

I started my work in the world of emotional wellness as a birth doula, postpartum doula, and newborn care specialist. With this experience and knowledge, I specifically aligned my path with families and expanded my work into becoming a licensed mental health therapist with a speciality in the perinatal period. In addition, I have a calling to support those navigating complex feelings of grief and loss during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. As families expand and contract, struggle and celebrate, strengthen and question—emotional wellness needs arise, and I feel honored to have spent time supporting and holding space for all aspects of life’s journey.

Working with me, you find a place to be honest and curious about your moments as an overwhelmed new parent, your experience in loss or grief, your experience with end of life, changing needs in relationships, and all of life’s challenges. You can come to me with your day to day anxieties and your major life transitions. You can come to me and trust that you will have an approachable, authentic therapist who believes you and wants to listen to your lived experience.

As a mother, I know how important it is to have a dedicated, supportive, unbiased place to remain accountable to my own needs. I look forward to co-creating this growth minded atmosphere with you.

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